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Hello and welcome!  I started my journey into photography in 2000 quite by accident.  I was returning from Dallas to Salt Lake City and decided to detour through the Four Corners area. In that choice I found myself presented with natural wonders I had never seen before.  Most influential to me was Monument Valley.  At the time I was armed with an old Canon AF35M II film camera.  And, unfortunately, it had finally died somewhere south of Page Arizona on my way to Texas.  I had used that little film camera on previous journeys through western Europe and the Mediterranean.


Suddenly realizing there were so many amazing things to see in the southern area of my home state I knew a digital camera was in my future.  I started with a 4MP digital point-and-shoot but quickly graduated to Nikon DSLRs.


Over the years I have acquainted myself with a few little known (and some very well known) areas of the Colorado Plateau.  I still have a full time job in Salt Lake City but pursue landscape photography as a hobby.


If you see any photos here you think might look good in your living room or office, head over to the contact page and drop me a note.  I would love to share my work with you.  I'm not a merchant but have sold a few prints to friends and donated a couple to worthy charities.  


I look forward to hearing from you!


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